About us


Four friends bound by bon vivant-ness and nice writing. We met not so long ago, through social networks. Some of you already know and follow us. Meanwhile, we realized that every time we meet, it’s an exchange of recommendations and reviews of restaurants in Belgrade, with fantastic impressions and horror stories alike.

This is probably because we love to eat. Ok, we enjoy an occasional sip, too. And love our Belgrade. Above all, we enjoy when someone loves Belgrade as much as we do. When the restaurants, hotels, wineries and bars know how to present what’s best about this city – its hospitality and cheerful spirit.

As there are four of us, logically we crave for different flavors, practice different lifestyles, but keep hedonism as our imperative. We traveled, tasted both at home and in distant cities, we got to know the magic of preparation and the art of consumption, then retold these experiences to each other and decided to share it with all others who like Belgrade, with those who want to know it, to those who know less … and we especially welcome those who know more.

This is our insider’s gastronomic guide, full of signs for each day of the week, each meal, each whim and each taste of Belgraders and their guests. We had countless business lunches, romantic dinners, working breakfasts, planned and unplanned food tastings for you. The rain caught us in the gardens, snow caged us in bistros and morning sun surprised us on Belgrade terraces for you. We are your tasters, trusty eaters. We know what is best, we know where to find it and we are not shy to say where it is not.

This is us.



Trained her palate in grandfather’s vineyard and refined it while traveling . Scribomaniac, juggler, muse and adventurer. Liberator of beautiful secret things.



Lover of food and beautiful words. Frequent change of residence enabled her to see, try and taste different cuisines and ways of preparing food. She likes saying that the best bites often stem from a combination of simplicity and boundless love.



Belgrade child, corrupted by Barcelona. Plays in the field of communications and media, as a manager for projects and public relations. When not working, expresses creativity through design, fashion journalism and blogging. Enjoys the digital world, travel and delicious food. Life motto: Eat well, travel often.



Gastronomic omniscience and a bow tie. Hedonism is the result of knowledge. Wine familiarity comes as  a sentence in a biography, and Belgrade insightfulness as pride and responsibility. Gives a status of precious science to being a gentleman!

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